Second Diversity Conference, 24/10, Clichy, France

Ethnicity, Culture (and Social Class): “Origins” and Business
Yes, you can! Dealing with ethnicity at the workplace
24th October 2014
L’Oréal Headquarters, Clichy, France


An increasing number of businesses are aware that some elements of their diversity management policies are missing: a specific focus on the questions of ethnicity, cultures and social origins.

  • Don’t you think our “cultural mindset” limits our capacity to address ethnicity and cultures at the workplace?
  • Are you tired of the widespread resistance and discomfort when dealing with these issues in Europe?
  • Are you looking for concrete actions that work and can make a difference?

Then this conference is for you!


Why join this conference

This second Diversity Conference will support businesses to take deal constructively with the questions of ethnicity, cultures and social origins at the workplace. It will take the matter one step forward (from last year’s conference) and explore what businesses already achieve and could do further (taking inspiration from other contexts).


At the end of the day, different experts will present their perspectives and analyse what can and what cannot be done from their standpoints (e.g. legal, sociological or management).


ENAR conferences strive to make use of the most innovative, participatory and result-oriented methods. Expect some surprises!


Tentative Agenda 


9h-9h15 Welcome and Introduction
9h15-9h30 Presentation to the Concept of the Conference
9h30-10h30 Fishbowl: how has legislation come about and how did businesses deal with them?
11h-12h45 Working Groups: Recruitment, Career Progression, Promotion, Training, Team Management/Staffing
12h45-14h Networking Lunch
14h-15h The Market Place: Presentation of Good Business Practices
15h-15h30 Feedback from Working Groups
15h30-17h Different Perspectives: Management, Legal, Sociological – Next Steps


The report of the 2013 Origins Conference can be found on ts/article/origins-conference


For more information, pre-registration or to present your actions, please contact Pascal Hildebert


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