PhD Defence EqualDiv Member Eline Jammaers

On the 4th of October, our EqualDiv Member Eline from Hasselt University successfully defended her PhD about disability and employment titled “Beyond Barriers: Exploring Ableism in the Workplace”. Her promotors during this 4 year project were Prof. Dr Patrizia Zanoni (Hasselt University and University of Leuven) and Dr Stefan Hardonk (Iceland University).

This doctoral dissertation extends the theoretical concept of ‘ableism’ in the workplaces to offer an alternative explanation for the disadvantaged socio-economic labor market position of people with disabilities. Rather than focussing on individual, cognitive or material barriers, this study takes into account the negative discursive perceptions of disabled people in society about those deemed ‘different’ to study workplace discrimination.

For more information on her work, you can contact the researcher directly:

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