Université Catholique de Lille

The Faculté de Sciences Economiques et de Gestion (FSEG) is a faculty of the Catholic University of Lille, a private higher education and research association. Through the creation of the Center for Research on Human Capital (CRCH) and its membership in Lille Economie et Management (LEM- mixed research unit (UMR 8179) of the French National Scientific Research Center), research lab, the FSEG is developing an ambitious research in the fields of economics and management.

The work revolves around the concept of human capital. This concept generally refers to three dimensions which together determine a certain ability of the individual to work, evolve and position her- or himself in the labour market: talents, skills and accumulated individual experiences.

The CRCH brings together researchers working around four general research areas and relying on a variety of theoretical perspectives. These broad clusters are :

  • Society & religion;
  • Teaching skills & innovation;
  • Risk & responsability;
  • Health & disability.

We welcome our new Equaldiv-member :

universite lille

Frederik Claeye